Cod. OLCON01
For a capricious, aggressive and fashion look, FreeLimix has created Contrast, a new collection of rainbow colours to amaze and surprise with colour contrast, intense and flaming light effects or greatly effective mèches without preventive bleaching process. The micro-pigments deeply penetrate and fix themselves into the hair shaft thus guaranteeing an intense, long-lasting and great impact sheen. A high protecting and emollient action is assured by carefully selected ingredients that give the hair an extraordinary luster, for a personal and exclusive style. When to use it: To create bi-colour effects on natural or dyed hair without bleaching. With Natural Hair: With natural hair use 30 volume oxygen on light-coloured base (tone from 6 to 9) and 40 volume oxygen on dark base (tone from 2 to 5). With Coloured Hair: If the hair are coloured use the 30 volume oxygen on light-coloured base (tone from 7 to 9) and 40 volume oxygen on dark base (tone from 3 to 6). If the hair has been previously coloured and has therefore a lot of pigments it strongly suggested to effect a colour washing to remove the pigments in excess before the application of contrast colour. Green and Blue: For an optimal result it is advisable to bleach the hair before the application.

In a non-metal bowl, mix one part of cream and one and a half part of Oxidizing Emulsion at 30V (on natural levels 4, 5 or 6) or 40V (on natural levels 1, 2, 3 or dyed hair). Apply to the selected areas with a tint-brush. Leave in for approximately 30 minutes (15 minutes under a heat source). Rinse thoroughly and use an after colour shampoo.